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Testimonials From Clients

Constance Merwin

My 3 year old daughter loved the Bow Bear video so much that I had to get her the personalized video. She absolutely loves it! Before she got these videos, she would have trouble counting and would mix up her numbers. After watching the videos only twice, she is counting perfectly now! She is really enjoying numbers and is able to accurately count objects.

As a parent and as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I am so impressed with these videos. Judy has nailed it! She has all the aspects that appeal to kids to make it fun (bright colours, puppets, changing images, the child’s own face!), but she also has included all aspects to make the educational component a real success: repetition, slow rate of speech, slowly changing images, movement, child involvement, reinforcement, and the voice overs use a nice sing-songy voice that young children attend to. I am so excited about these videos and can’t wait to see what else Judy is going to create with Dusdee!

Move over Baby Einstein! By taking your children and casting them in their own personalized Dusdee and Me video, Judy creates the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Constance Merwin – M.Sc.SLP (C) Speech-Language Pathologist Owner, Speech Pathways

Maryellen Vandenbrink

As a grandma, we always want to give the perfect gift to our grandchildren. “Dusdee and Me” was the best gift for my granddaughter Samantha. She was so excited to see herself and her sister Abigail in the movie with Dusdee. She loves to sing along while he counts his numbers and tells everyone she is a movie star in her own movie. Dusdee and Me not only teaches, but also builds their self-esteem. Samantha’s favourite part is the “exercise part” where the girls exercise together. Samantha asks all the time to watch her video.

I highly recommend Dusdee and Me so that you can give your child and grandchild the perfect gift too!

Maryellen Vandenbrink, Mississauga, Ontario

Rachel Sharpe

“LOVE”! You really know what kids like! My 3 and 1 year olds are WILD for this video! I just have to tell you that Evan (14 months) did the arms up part along with Dusdee’s workout!

Thank you!

Rachel Sharpe, Toronto, Ontario

Linda Eriksen

Four words, four emotions that I feel when Ariana and I watch Dusdee and Me are: Grateful, Touched, Excited, and Impressed! At 11 months old, Ariana’s smiles and giggles, as she watches herself and her great auntie and Dusdee teaches us in a fun and effective way.

So, Thanks so much Dusdee!

Linda Eriksen, Brampton, Ontario

David Whale

I have two children aged 4 and 6 that love to watch their Dusdee and Me video. They love to dance, sing, count and excercise right along with Dusdee and his friends and are always excited to see themselves appear. This video is constantly close to the DvD player and can regularly be heard on repeat. Its like a staple in our household.

David Whale

Andrew Sharpe

Any parent of a 3 year old knows that when their kid latches onto a certain song or video it can become an obsession. My two kids (ages 3 ½ and 1) love their Dusdee and Me™ video! My three year old is excited to see himself & his brother on the big screen as the ‘stars’ of the show. He interacts with the video; counting and singing etc. My favorite part is when he actually gets up to do the exercises along with the video during the exercise segment.

The humour is perfect for this age group and they both laugh out loud at several of the jokes. The content is the right balance of entertainment and education that every parent likes to see.

By taking your children and casting them in their own personalized Dusdee and Me video, Judy creates the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Andrew Sharpe, Brampton, Ontario

Charles Sandor

My grandson Lucas lives in BC, so I had a Dusdee video made and took it out west when I went to visit him for his birthday. I had also provided a picture of his mom so she could be in the video with him. When the video started, he was captivated. He dropped all his other toys and just stared at the TV. He immediately took to Dusdee and began singing along to the alphabet song.

During the week I was there, he was constantly watching his “Dusdee show”. He learned how to pronounce that name very fast! It is clear I will have to get another Dusdee video completed when my granddaughter gets to the age where she can appreciate it.

Judy, the video and Dusdee are a big hit. Hopefully all this coming fame won’t go to Dusdee’s head!


Charles Sandor, Oakville, ON

Carolyn C.

Actually, I just finished watching the video. I didn’t think I was going to get a chance tonight but did. They are so cute Judy! I marvel at what you are able to do. The kids are going to love them and I thank you again very much for doing that for me. It amazes me what can be done nowadays! To think that you live all the way in Ontario and did this with photos I sent over the Internet…. amazing!!

Take care and all the best for a very Merry Christmas!!

Carolyn C. – Edmonton, Alberta

Guru & Rave

When my 4-year old wakes up in the morning, the first thing he says is, “I wanna watch Dusdee and Me” – such is the impact of the personalized DVD that Judy created for Skanda. Seeing himself on TV draws his attention and keeps him focused on the educative content – Dusdee and Me is brilliantly innovative!

Grab a copy for your child today – a sincere advice from satisfied parents.

Guru & Rave – Brampton, ON

Camilla Bignell

I love it when I get to brag about how great a product & service is! If you have young children in your life or know someone who does, Judy’s personalized “Dusdee & Me” DVD gets great positive feedback from the little ones! Here’s a comment just received from a close friend when her grandson got his personalized copy… “His DVD is great! He has enjoyed it a lot (He actually has been carrying around the business card and the book mark with the alphabets on it)! Thanks a million for thinking of him and creating this keepsake.”

Thanks Judy, for brightening a little boy’s life and helping him to learn in such a positive, fun and creative way!

Camilla Bignell – Brampton, ON

Kelly Mitchell

My grandson cant take his eyes off from his personalized video. You have an amazing talent . if anyone wants a true learning video for the children in their life, see Dusdee and Me.com.


Kelly Mitchell – Brampton, Ontario